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Measuring the Invisible

High-precision CT system for VisiConsult

The human sense of sight is a wonder. We can distinguish between millions of color tones, we perceive the smallest differences in brightness and can even find our way around in darkness to some extent. But there are limits. We cannot see into things. What’s inside remains concealed from us.


Here is where the specialists from VisiConsult come into play. The family business from Northern Germany manufactures X-Ray cabins and X-Ray special systems for its customers for which no test requirement is too complicated. VisiConsult makes the invisible, what’s on the inside, visible. “Can’t do” won’t do at VisiConsult.


What if, for example, CT had to be used to examine work pieces of up to 80 kilogram in weight? Not lying, not static, but in movement. Swiveling and tilting, to make the invisible visible. From every viewing angle.


No problem. VisiConsult can also realize this requirement for its customers – with a high-precision seven-axes mobile system from Langenlonsheim, which can be equipped, for example, with double X-Ray tubes or double detector with line scanner at customer request.
The system that was commissioned by VisiConsult from BUSCH Microsystems measures 3.2 x 2.3 x 1.2 meter and weighs 5.5 tons. The granite axes achieve a straightness of less than 5 µm. After the direct transport the system was once more calibrated on site by BUSCH technicians to ensure accuracy.



The CT applications for which the system is used require a double z-axis and a rotary-swivel-unit. In total, seven various axis movements are possible, which can also be controlled directly in the cabin using the control unit with manual controls. The accurate positioning of the workpiece is performed via the laser guidance. Jason Robbins, Head of NDT Sales at VisiConsult, describes the possibilities of the high-precision system as almost unlimited.
As standard, VisiConsult provides the CT cabins with cooling system, thermometer and hygrometer and adapts all other available options to customer requests and requirements. This makes it possible, for example, to enlarge X-Ray images by a factor of 300, depending on the optical components used.
These kind of innovations expand the limits of human vision. Technology and precision make the impossible, possible: measuring the invisible.
For more information on this project please visit the VisiConsult website and YouTube.