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BUSCH Microsystems GmbH

BUSCH Microsystems GmbH

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BUSCH Microsystems GmbH

Busch Optical Industry

You really can see everything. Thanks to us.

The direct processing of optical areas requires ever more precise manufacturing processes. This is where we come in.

Measuring and process technology

Our customers have benefitted for years from our extensive expert knowledge about precision modules with optical measuring technology. We have designed and manufactured numerous customer-specific complete systems in this area, especially for optical processing and measuring methods.

Glass-clear products thanks to consistency and precision

The production processes of the optical industry particularly require ultra-precise manufacturing methods. Our systems were especially designed to meet these requirements. They feature maximum precision in mechanics and control system as well as constant processing speeds.

Application example
Application example
  • Dimensions: approx. 3840 x 4660 x 2720 mm
  • Running accuracy of the axes (on a length of 4 metres): 2 µm

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