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Busch Laser Processing

Precision. Dynamics. Laser.

Laser processes have become irreplaceable in ultra-precision machining. And we make sure that this ultra-precision continues.


More than just speed

Laser technology plays an ever increasing role in modern production processes. It meets a large number of requirements that cannot be fulfilled any more by previously employed processes: shorter processing times, higher precision with improved quality and increasing speed – these are the quality features of laser technology.


Our design for your laser

The mechanics of our positioning systems are designed under the technical aspects of high system rigidity, low moved masses, high accelerations and reproducibility as well as low thermal expansion. As a result, they are suitable for the most varied laser applications.


Technical details:

  • Synchronization of laser and movement path
  • EtherCAT®-based multi-axis movement control (up to 64 synchronous axes)
  • Programming using multitasking ACSPL+ code, PLCopen IEC 61131-3 and G-code libraries

Laser module LC2 from ACS Motion Control:

  • As single or built-in device
  • Synchronization of laser performance as a function of vector speed
  • Laser pulse distance depending on vector position
  • Three modes of pulse modulation:
    • Fixed pulse frequency, variable duty cycle
    • Fixed pulse width, variable pulse frequency
    • Fixed duty cycle, variable pulse frequency
  • Laser on/off – depending on position or contour segments
  • “Tickle mode“ (laser standby mode)


BCS – BUSCH control system for laser machines

  • Trajectories generation through importing 2D or 3D CAD files or drawing with integrated tools
  • Supported file types: DXF, DWG, Gerber, STL, NC Drill, etc.
  • Hatching: lines, cross-hatching, dots, contours
  • Implemented control of laser sources, galvanometer scanner, positioning axes and machine vision

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