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BUSCH Microsystems GmbH

Busch Products

Gantry Systems

Standard systems made of granite


Busch GS 100


  • Basic construction made of granite
  • Highest system accuracy du to ideal adjustment of all components
  • Driven by linear motors
  • Synchronized movement of the portal
  • Portal with single-sided floating bearings
  • Incremental measuring system


  • Absolute measuring system
  • Measuring systems made of Invar or Zerodur
  • Ironless or iron-core linear motors
  • Air bearings for highest demands
  • With steel frame and/or Z-axis and/or controller
Basis data – configurable to your application
Drive systemLinear motors
Resolution of the measuring system100 – 1 nm
Repeatability (mean & peak-to-peak)Depending on resolution and controller
Stroke X300 – 1.500 mm
Stroke Y300 – 3.000 mm
Stroke Z100 – 300 mm
Max. velocity1 m/s
Max. acceleration10 m/s²

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