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BCS – BUSCH Control System

Software for maximum precision and dynamics

The precision of a system depends not only on the mechanics and electronics, but also on the control system, the options for input and programming. A high-precision result can only be achieved if all components of a system work perfectly together. 


We would like to introduce you to BCS, the BUSCH Control System, for the control and monitoring of our systems. With BCS, your entire BUSCH system can be conveniently and clearly controlled in one place. The software has a flexible structure so that complex, application-specific programs can be generated using simple modules and displayed graphically on the user interface. Multiple software add-ons for cameras, lasers, various sensors or valves and any peripheral devices can be added. This creates an individual program that is precisely tailored to the respective BUSCH system and the requirements of its users.


The most important characteristics at a glance:

• Graphic user interface

• Program creation with ready-made modules or directly via program code

• Motion simulations possible

• Control of any system element in one software

• Manual operation via virtual joystick

• Visual alignment of processing to objects in the workspace

• 5D component processing by importing CAD models


BCS can control the processes of very different laser machine applications, such as laser additive manufacturing, PCB laser processing, laser engraving, laser drilling and laser cutting.  


Laser Additive Manufacturing

BCS software is a tool to prepare and control laser additive manufacturing/ 3 D printing processes like Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), stereo lithigraphy and others.

• Use multiple STL models for single laser additive manufacturing process

• Fast STL slicing and hatching

• Repair broken STL models

• Various hatching modes

• Automatic support generation for 3D models

• Control of the process  




PCB Laser Processing

Gerber and NC Drill files can be imported to BCS laser machine software and prepared for machining. The whole process for both sides of the PCB is controlled on a single window.

• PCB laser etching

• PCB laser drilling / cutting

• PCB laser cutting

The process can be implemented with both, galvo scanners and linear stages for optimized speed and field size and Machine Vision to realign after flipping or board replacement.




Laser Engraving

• Import DXF, STL files or design images with inbuilt tools

• Use designs for 3D and deep laser engraving.

• Use the integrated Machine Vision to manually or automatically align your object on the sample for precise positioning.

• Galvo scanners and positioning stages can be implemented so the process can be optimized for a large field and high speed.  




Laser Drilling

• Use NC drills, DXF files or add holes by yourself. Complex hole patterns can be created using Recipe Flow tools.

• Set laser and motion parameters

• Stitching tools enable use of galvo scanners for drilling and linear stage translation between holes.

• Speed, size and accuracy of the process can be maximized this way.

• Alignment with cameras and machine vision is available optionally.  



BCS is so flexible that it can be used in a wide variety of application environments to prepare and control processes. At the same time, it simplifies human-machine interaction through the graphical interface and the control of the various components in just one application that is individually tailored to the respective system.

We are happy to help you with all aspects of controlling your system. Just send us a message or give us a call on +49 (0)671 / 201331-0. We look forward to your project!